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Paternity and Fathers’ Rights in Seattle

Paternity and Fathers’ Rights in Seattle

If you are a father going through paternity, child custody, divorce, or support matters, you need legal representation who will fight for you and your rights as a father. At Twyford Law Office, our fathers’ rights attorneys are experienced and prepared to handle your case.

Twyford Law Office understands how important it is to a child to have a father in their life, and we are willing to fight to make that a reality. This can be a difficult process while trying to maintain a meaningful relationship with your child or children. This is especially true for unmarried fathers who have not legally established their parental rights.

The paternity and fathers’ rights attorneys at Twyford Law Office are:

  • Dedicated to making sure that you receive the time you deserve with your children;
  • Compassionate and empathetic towards fathers and their struggles; and
  • Experienced in all facets of paternity and fathers’ rights in Washington state.

Contact our Seattle office today to learn more about our full-service law firm and how we can help you with all of your family law and paternity matters.

Our Paternity and Fathers’ Rights Attorneys Are Ready to Help

It is imperative you know your rights as a father under Washington law. The details of the law can be complicated and hard to understand. At Twyford Law Office, our attorneys understand these laws and relate their meaning to you, making the paternity process less stressful and disruptive to your life.

Establishing paternity entitles you and your child to several rights, including the rights to:

  • Enforce visitation and custody rights;
  • Participate in decisions regarding the upbringing of your child;
  • Provide insurance coverage for your child;
  • Provide your child with benefits in the case of your disability/death;
  • Receive notice of any adoption proceedings;
  • Pay child support; and
  • Get access to medical histories.

The paternity process often requires genetic testing, affidavits, and filing declarations of paternity within limited timeframes. If you miss these deadlines, your ability to establish or deny paternity can be compromised. The help of professional legal counsel from Twyford Law Office ensures you avoid unnecessary mistakes in the paternity process.

Fathers Are Important in Children’s Lives

Washington has laws in place to help protect children and the parent/child relationship. When problems arise within the realm of these relationships, they are resolved in the family court system.

As the traditional family structure changes, mothers and fathers are taking on more equal roles in their children’s lives and development. Courts now work to keep both parents equally involved when child custody issues arise in court.

Voluntarily Establishing Paternity in Washington

When a child is born to unmarried parents, the parents must take additional steps to establish that child’s paternity. In cases where a couple is married, it is automatically assumed that the mother’s husband is the child’s legal and biological father, and no additional legal action is necessary to establish paternity.

In Washington, there are voluntary and involuntary methods for establishing a child’s paternity when their parents are unmarried. In the voluntary process, both parents review and sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form. This can happen at the birthing center or hospital when the child is born or later at the Division of Child Support office or health department.

Involuntarily Establishing Paternity in Washington

When either the child’s mother or presumed father disputes paternity, an involuntary process is used to establish paternity. This is done through a court case in which the court issues an Order Establishing Parentage. This legally establishes the child’s father.

The mother, the alleged father, the child themself, or an agent of the state can file a motion with the court to begin court proceedings establishing parentage. If either party denies the child’s paternity or is uncertain, the judge can order a DNA or genetic test to prove the child’s biological father.

Once the child’s paternity has been established, the judge can make other determinations such as child custody, visitation, and child support.

Contact an Experienced Seattle Paternity and Fathers’ Rights Attorney

It is important to retain an experienced attorney to help determine paternity and fathers’ rights issues. If you are concerned about any of these matters, contact the Seattle attorneys at Twyford Law Office. We can help you protect or assert your rights as a father.

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