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Relocation in Seattle

Relocation in Seattle

If you are considering a move with your child or children out of the state of Washington or outside the boundaries allowed within the state, or your child’s other parent is attempting to prevent your move, speak with a Seattle family law attorney at Twyford Law Office today to learn your options and protect your parental rights. Our attorneys have:

  • A track record of success working with clients wishing to relocate as well as opposing the relocation of their children;
  • The skills to fight for you; and
  • Decades of combined family law experience.

Moving does not nullify your right to be with your child. Work with Twyford Law Office to navigate the relocation process. Contact us in Seattle today.

Let Our Seattle Family Law Attorneys Help You with Your Relocation Case

A relocation case involves a situation where one parent desires to move out of the city or state that they live in with their child, leaving the other parent behind. These cases are difficult to win no matter the circumstances because the judge is forced to make a decision that separates a child from one parent.

Parents that desire to relocate should seek the assistance of an experienced relocation attorney like those at Twyford Law and ensure the following is true of any attempt to relocate with a child:

  • There is a good reason to move;
  • You know what factors that court will consider ahead of time and any arguments for or against these factors; and
  • You understand the procedural process the court follows, including any deadlines or necessary court documents.

Retaining Twyford Law Office to help you through the relocation process and give you the information you need is a vital first move in your relocation case. We can tell you what factors the court will consider, what timeline to expect and provide you with strategic advice. Reach out to our relocation attorneys now.

Washington’s Notice Requirement for Relocation

Relocation impacts the rights and responsibilities of both parents under the parenting plan. Therefore, the relocation process needs to be followed any time a parent is moving the primary residence of their child.

In Washington, a parent is required to give formal notice to the other parent at least sixty days in advance of the move. There is a special form that must be used.

The court decides whether to allow the move. Therefore, a parent should start the relocation process before making any final commitments.

Does Relocation Require a New Parenting Plan?

If the move is such that the parenting plan needs modification, a proposed new parenting plan should be submitted with notice of the move. Parenting plans are legally binding agreements that must be followed.

Objecting to Relocation

A non-relocating parent has the right to file an objection to the relocation or the new proposed parenting plan within 30 days of receiving notice of the relocation. Once an objection is filed, the relocation is set for trial.

Motion for Temporary Relocation

The court may grant a motion to permit a temporary relocation pending trial. The court can temporarily allow the move if, after reviewing the facts of the case, it determines the relocation is likely to be approved after trial.

Contact an Experienced Seattle Family Law Attorney

If you would like to learn more about relocation and its effects on child custody and your parenting plan, contact Twyford Law Office. We are committed to helping you achieve your relocation goals and addressing your legal concerns.

Contact us for solutions that meet your needs to complicated issues such as relocation. Twyford Law Office’s relocation attorneys are available to speak with you in a confidential consultation at your convenience.

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