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Twyford Law Office - SpokaneExcellentTwyford Law Office - Spokane4.6 Based on 108 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onDerek ValitaloDerek Valitalo ★★★★★ They are very understanding and make you feel comfortable.Nick SampalisNick Sampalis ★★★★★ Highly recommend Twyford Law Office. Jillian and her team are diligent, dedicated, and compassionate. No one will work harder on your behalf!Jason SmithJason Smith ★★★★★ I hired Jillian Miller at Twyford Law Office from January 2020 until June 2023. Jillian and the entire staff at Twyford were absolutely incredible. I have dealt with several different offices over the past 12-13 yrs and Twyford was by far the best I've worked with. Not even close. My case was extensive and at times, in my opinion, incredibly exhausting and frustrating due to the other party and their representation. Jillian was always professional and always kept me on track, even if it meant telling me what you are asking for or stating is WRONG and will not help you. She would also communicate during non office hours when it was necessary. I never, ever felt sidelined or ignored. This is the kind of attorney you will get with Jillian or Mark Cassell as well. Mark was also a part of my case and was a "give it to you straight" and very professional attorney. The front office staff was also very professional and always pleasant on the phone and in person. Always. If you are looking for quality professionalism and a very knowledgeable and aggressive counsel for family law, I HIGHLY recommend both Jillian Miller and Mark Cassell at Twyford Law Office.Kayla OlsonKayla Olson ★★★★★ Julie, Alex and the rest of Twyford Law really helped me in a situation I felt helpless. Look no further when searching. Couldn’t recommend them more!Response from the ownerKayla, Thank you so much for the kind words. We are so glad we were able to help! Sheri FoutsSheri Fouts ★★★★★ Everyone at Twyford Law was very nice. I appreciate all the work Jillian put in to help me get through this hard time. The law can be very confusing to us outsiders and I appreciate them talking in terms that were understandable to me and gave me another perspective to think about. The end results were good for me.Response from the ownerSheri, we know that family law cases can be very confusing, but are so glad to hear that Jillian helped you through the process, and was able to achieve a great result. We wish you the best in the future Adriona KnightAdriona Knight ★★★★★ Twyford law office helped in ways I didn’t think fathomable. They definitely know their stuff.Thanks again!!Response from the ownerThank you very much! Helen RobinetteHelen Robinette ★★★★★ Very happy with my outcome. Thanks again!Response from the ownerHelen, We are so glad to hear you were happy with the outcome. Please let us know if you need any help in the future. Josh RussellJosh Russell ★★★★★ Mark Cassell has been amazing throughout my case. He has consistently fought for me in court and has given me the best results. If you need an attorney for family law, you’ve come to the right place!Response from the ownerJosh, we know you had a very difficult family law case, and were very glad we were able to assist. Myka BrownMyka Brown ★★★★★ I really recommend Mark, he helped me so much with my case and kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of.Response from the ownerMyka, Thanks for the kind words. We were glad we were able to assist. Sheri YoungSheri Young ★★★★★ Evan WilliamsEvan Williams ★★★★★ Great team. Easy to work withResponse from the ownerThanks Evan Morgan BraidMorgan Braid ★★★★★ The folks here made the process SO much easier than I could have imagined!Paul GroverPaul Grover ★★★★★ I had a great experience with Twyford. Julie, Mark and their team always made me feel like a number one priority. I would highly recommend this law firm!!Nate WrideNate Wride ★★★★★ My experience with Twyford law office was exceptional. Their attention to my case made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. They made sure I got the fairest results for my case and I couldn’t be happier. If you need representation, the attorneys at Twyford are incredible.Response from the ownerNate, thank you very much for the kind words. We really appreciate it. We always work hard for each and every one of our clients. Joan FrazierJoan Frazier ★★★★★ Julie and her team are the ones you want on your side! Very thorough, detailed and look out for you! I have recommended them to a few friends, everyone has been pleased with their results.Response from the ownerJoan, thanks very much! We always give each of our clients 100%, and work to pay attention to each and every detail. Jason CokleyJason Cokley ★★★★★ Walked in desperate, scared and confused and they immediately helped me from start to finish. Mark is tough and gonna shoot you straight on everything, I highly recommend them for your needs especially if you are dealing with a bitter ex. These guys were absolutely outstanding and I was in an entirely different state.Response from the ownerJason, I know that your case was very difficult, but we were very pleased with the results as well. We are so happy that we were able to assist you in your difficult time. Lori HerrimanLori Herriman ★★★★★ Highly recommend! Staff was very attentive, kind and knowledgeable with all of my questions. Very helpful! I appreciate the time spent!Response from the ownerThanks Lori! MikeMike ★★★★★ I’m glad I went with Twyford Law for my needs. I had a very lengthy and highly contested divorce. Jillian was amazing as my attorney to say the least. She is very intelligent and always upfront. The whole staff at Twyford Law were always professional and timely with their work. It was not cheap by any means, but overall I was very pleased with the outcome and would choose Jillian and the Twyford Law office again.Response from the ownerMike, thank you very much for the kind words. Jillian always works to put her client's goals and desires first, and works incredibly hard to accomplish them. Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson ★★★★★ Mark and Jalen were excellent. Divorce is tough and my first attorney was really bad. I'm glad I found Mark. He listens and communicates directly. He was super efficient with his time and is very competent in front of the judge during hearings. I'm so happy to have equal time with my Son.Response from the ownerRyan, thank you so much for the kind words. We are so glad we were able to achieve a great result on your case. Good Luck in the future! Hailee StaffordHailee Stafford ★★★★★ The team here is friendly and great!Response from the ownerThanks Hailee! Paul Katie LeatherwoodPaul Katie Leatherwood ★★★★★ Our niece is going through a complicated divorce & we have observed several hearings online. Mark Cassell has impressed us with his thorough understanding of case details, his articulate knowledge of law, his assertive defense against false accusations brought by the opposing side, & his personal integrity. You can put your trust in Twyford Law.Response from the ownerPaul, we really appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts and observations. Mark works hard to zealously defend each of his clients against false allegations, and we are happy to see positive results for your niece. Shelise HearnShelise Hearn ★★★★★ Mark and his team have been helping me for a few years now. They are always quick to respond to me and the needs of my children. I appreciate how hard they continue to work for my family.Response from the ownerThanks so much Shelise! Sara OgleSara Ogle ★★★★★ I am beyond impressed with Mark Cassell and Julie Twyford. Mark took over a high-conflict case for a friend of mine last year and hit the ground running. Mark is extremely organized, thorough and conscientious. He truly understands his cases in and out. His ability to question and cross examine is masterful. As someone who has been through several family law attorneys, I would highly recommend Twyford Law. They truly put clients first and act with integrity, which is so rare.Response from the ownerSara, thank you very much for the kind words. DiddyDiddy ★★★★★ Twyford Law office was there for me every step of the way! Their staff and communication were superb. If you are in need of a family law lawyer, look no further! You've come to the right place.Ashe BeattieAshe Beattie ★★★★★ I would highly recommend Twyford Law to anyone. Mark & Nickole were incredible with handling my parenting plan. Professional, efficient, and took my concerns seriously!Silas McQuainSilas McQuain ★★★★★ Mark, Jillian, Nickole and the whole team at Twyford Law are amazing and well organized. They helped me navigate through a very tough time in my life. Thank you!Josh LenzJosh Lenz ★★★★★ I would recommend Mark & Nickole in a heartbeat. They took on my custody case and stood by me every step of the way even though it took much longer than either of them or myself expected or hoped for which was no fault of theirs. They were patient with me throughout a very difficult situation and treated me with respect and professionalism. They were also upfront and honest with with me about any possible outcomes but in the end over delivered. They were efficient, extremely capable, knowledgeable and dedicated to my case. Even though they have many more cases than just mine I still felt like they gave mine a 100%. Thanks for being there for me from the beginning to the end. I have the upmost respect for both Mark & Nickole as well as their entire office.Bri OhlandBri Ohland ★★★★★ Twyford Law knows what they are doing. They are there to get what you deserve out of a divorce. They don’t mess around!Penny HamblinPenny Hamblin ★★★★★ I was feeling very vulnerable and not knowing what to do after my husband filed for divorce. I feel fortunate to have found Jillian Miller and she put me at ease and helped me navigate through the process. She always had my back.Travis WarrenTravis Warren ★★★★★ Navigating through divorce is a complicated and terrifying process. Mark and his team at Twyford Law have been exceptional explaining the process, helping me through it and alleviating fears through it all. They are extremely knowledgeable, competent and will fight for fairness. I highly recommend having Twyford represent you for your divorce.Brandon GrayBrandon Gray ★★★★★ Great staff and communication, Jalen helped me navigate through mediation and answered all my questions and eased my mind. Highly recommend them for family law.Ove SmithOve Smith ★★★★★ I would highly recommend. Mark and Nicole treated me with respect and professionalism. They were efficient, extremely capable and knowledgeable, and their hard work throughout my case made me feel that I had the best possible chance at my desired outcome. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you. God bless you.Jason RuegseggerJason Ruegsegger ★★★★★ Very professional, easy to get hold of and they work quickly. Couldn't be happier! Thank you!DL K-BarielDL K-Bariel ★★★★★ Easy location to find, and nice business atmosphere. Everyone involved very knowledgeable and professional in a difficult situation ..David BinghamDavid Bingham ★★★★★ For a reasonable flat free, Twyford did more than expected and resolved my case in a favorable way.Response from the ownerHi David! Thank you for the 5-star review, and for trusting us with your case. We are glad we could give you a result above and beyond your expectation. Thank you again! Trina BordwellTrina Bordwell ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you for the 5-star review, Trina! It is our goal to be the best family law office in Spokane, so we appreciate your feedback. Thank you again! Kc FleisherKc Fleisher ★★★★★ Mark and his team was great to work with! Mark helped me navigate and bad divorce and a nasty child custody battle. I highly recommend Twyford law!Response from the ownerHi KC, thank you for the review! Mark and his staff are knowledgeable and aim to help guide clients throughout the entire process. We are so happy to hear this was your experience. Thank you again! Tiosha VeachTiosha Veach ★★★★★ Mark and his team at Twyford Law have worked tirelessly to support my family through a high conflict custody case. They are always professional, attentive, considerate to the needs of both parties, and prompt to act. In an overwhelming and confusing case, Mark has always strove to find resolution and remain respectful of all parties involved (while also kicking butt for his clients).josh tilsonjosh tilson ★★★★★ I called all over Spokane to try and find someone to help me with my case. Every other firm said they could not help and it was not possible to get what I was looking for. I finely got a hold of Mark Cassell. He was more than willing to help and assist me. Not only he do everything I wanted he was always there. I am now in a great place in my life and I have this firm to thank for it. I am not much of a review person but I had to let everyone know how great he is. This has not been an easy road but could not dream it being without his help!! Thank you Mark Cassell for all your hard work.Response from the ownerHi Josh, thank you for the review! We are so pleased to hear about your positive experience. Mark, along with all our attorneys, prioritizes ample communication and advocating for our clients aggressively. Thank you again for your feedback. D CD C ★★★★★ Mark as well as all the staff at Twyford Law are a most dedicated team that will stand by your side in the face of the most difficult times. I would highly recommend there consultation and if they can assist you when you feel you are facing legal matters. Knowledgeable and persistent in there quest for Justice as your advocate. I have known this for a long time in my own experience.Kevin O'ConnellKevin O'Connell ★★★★★ Mark and his team were amazing to work with! I highly recommend them.Response from the ownerThank you for the review, Kevin! Krystal VanGuilderKrystal VanGuilder ★★★★★ Jillian was amazing to work with. She made the process easy to understand and was there every step of the way providing guidance to all of my questions. I highly recommend this team, they are amazing partners and took great care of me.Response from the ownerThank you for the review, Krystal. Jillian is always there for her clients, and does a great job at explaining the process throughout the entirety of her cases. She is an advocate for her clients, and we are so happy to hear that your experience aligns with her intentions. Thank you for the review! Daniel GaugerDaniel Gauger ★★★★★ Mark Cassell did an excellent job helping me knock down an excessively severe traffic ticket. All staff I spoke to were professional, helpful, and friendly-- and helped put me at ease. What I thought would be a stressful hearing and potentially losing my license was turned into no big deal and a small fine by this qualified team.Benjamin FergusonBenjamin Ferguson ★★★★★ Mark Cassell and the team they have down there are fantastic, great people easy to work with. They have been able to help me with any questions I've had and I highly recommend them for a amazing attorney.Response from the ownerBen, thank you very much for the kind words. We are so glad we were able to secure a great result for your cases js_loader Twyford Law Office - Seattle OfficeExcellentTwyford Law Office - Seattle Office5.0 Based on 9 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onLydia GraceLydia Grace ★★★★★ I highly recommend Twyford! The staff is very attentive, professional, and knowledgeable. They were able to answer all of my questions. Very helpful! I appreciate the time spent!Ian BurnhamIan Burnham ★★★★★ Great representation. Professional and very good at thier craft. Would recommend to anyone in need of legal assistance.Joseph BriceJoseph Brice ★★★★★ I needed help with a complicated divorce, the handful of law offices I spoke with either declined the headache or asked for a high retainer amount. From the initial info gathering call with Twyford's legal assistants, to actually speaking with their attorneys one on one I felt the anxiety and pressure dwindle.The thing I found most neat about this office is they also offered to provide me with other attorneys in case I wanted to shop around more. But I found this office to be the best bet when it came to competence versus cost balance. The assistants also provided me with how to instructions to get as much done as I could myself before I needed to begin using their services. I hopefully will not have to use again but I'll definitely use Twyford if I ever have future issues.The AbominableSnowSamThe AbominableSnowSam ★★★★★ Friendly and knowledgeable. Everything you need in a family law office!Daniel ShenkDaniel Shenk ★★★★★ Great staff, very friendly and helpful. Stayed on top of keeping me updated throughout the whole process. Thank you, you all rock!!jolynn wandlerjolynn wandler ★★★★★ Great staff! Very efficient and easy to work with.Hannah LynnHannah Lynn ★★★★★ Excellent service! The team at Twyford Law Office was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They handled my case with such ease, and stress free. Would highly recommend anyone in need of legal assistance.David EDavid E ★★★★★ Professional, efficient & effective. Save yourself calling around to anyone else. This is the company you've been looking for! Highly impressed with my interactions with staff. No one wants to be in a place in life that they need to be contacting a Law Office but they made the process so much easier for me and my family, the stress is gone. Thank you Twyford Law!! And thank you Alyssa for all your hardwork! Amazing team!!Aly RiversAly Rivers ★★★★★ I had a fantastic experience with Twyford Law Office. They handled my case with expertise, leading to great results. Communication was prompt and clear throughout the process. I highly appreciate their dedication and would recommend for anyone seeking top-notch assistance with family law cases.js_loader
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