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Seattle Guardianship Attorney

Seattle Guardianship Attorney

A guardianship is a means of providing for the physical and financial protection of someone who cannot provide for themselves. If you are planning to take on a guardianship role or are seeking to maintain your independence in the face of a guardianship proceeding, call Twyford Law Office to speak with an experienced guardianship attorney.

At Twyford Law Office, our Seattle guardianship attorneys offer:

  • Clear and straightforward guidance and advice;
  • Decades of combined legal experience; and
  • Knowledge and resources to take on the most complex cases.

We are committed to providing you with the information and resources you need to make the best choices for your situation. To find out how Twyford Law Office can assist you in your guardianship case, Contact us today at (206) 590-7085and speak with one of our skilled guardianship attorneys today.

Let an Experienced Seattle Guardianship Attorney Help You

An experienced guardianship attorney can make your guardianship process as seamless as possible. Twyford Law Office’s guardianship attorneys can advise you in all aspects of your legal guardianship.

This includes the following, and more:

  • Providing guidance with all legal paperwork;
  • Ensuring you understand your legal rights and obligations;
  • Filing all court documents correctly and timely;
  • Attending all court hearings;
  • Gathering and presenting evidence; and
  • Preparing final guardianship paperwork.

Contact our Seattle office now to schedule your confidential appointment with a Seattle family attorney at Twyford Law Office.

When Is a Guardianship Necessary?

Guardianships are meant to protect and support the welfare of those who are unable to make their own decisions or manage their own affairs. A guardian is a person or organization chosen by the court to manage the affairs of another.

Guardians are generally used in three circumstances. These is the guardianship of an incapacitated elder, the guardianship of a minor, and the guardianship of a developmentally disabled adult.

What Powers and Responsibilities Does a Guardian Have?

Unless there are limitations set forth by the court, a guardian determines who will take care of their ward, how their ward’s finances are handled, where their ward will live, and their ward’s medical treatment.

A guardian must account for any expenditures made on their ward’s behalf. Each year a report must be filed with the court itemizing these and must include an updated personal care plan.

How Is a Guardian Chosen?

Any person interested in becoming a guardian may file a petition with the court. The court then determines if the person in question is incapacitated and appoints or denies a guardian as needed.

Are There Limits to Guardianships?

The court can arrange a limited guardianship for people who are capable of caring for themselves in some circumstances but not in others.

Choosing a Guardian

Consideration is typically granted to people who are cognizant of and sensitive to the needs and wants of the incapacitated person. A guardianship is a position of trust and responsibility and should be conferred only on a person of integrity.

Contact an Experienced Seattle Guardianship Attorney

Seeking guardianship can be a complex process. It is beneficial to enlist an attorney knowledgeable in Washington guardianship laws like those at Twyford Law Office. We have a team of dedicated family law attorneys fully equipped to handle multiple types of guardianship cases.

When you need highly experienced representation, Contact us today at (206) 590-7085 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Seattle guardianship attorneys.

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