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Bellevue Same Sex Marriage Lawyer Near MeAt Twyford Law Office, we understand the challenges that same sex couples face and will help you achieve an ideal outcome in your legal matter.

Our Bellevue same sex marriage lawyers are experienced and determined to achieve results.

Why Choose Our Bellevue Same Sex Marriage Lawyers?

  • We strive to achieve the best results possible for our clients.
  • We tailor our legal advice and services to your specific situation and will help you understand your options.
  • You can put your trust in us to guide you through challenging family law issues.

Why You Need a Bellevue Same Sex Marriage Lawyer

Whether you are considering a Bellevue divorce, adoption, or dealing with another family law issue, an experienced Bellevue same sex marriage attorney can advise you and help you navigate the justice system. With their knowledge of the state’s and country’s ever-evolving laws on same sex marriage, they can help you avoid the stress of researching your legal options and filing endless paperwork. They will also provide you with peace of mind, and as your advocate, they will ensure you are treated fairly and, if necessary, will effectively present and argue your case in court.

Common Family Law Issues Same Sex Couples Face

Some of the more common family law matters that an attorney can assist same sex couples with include:


Washington does not require “fault” grounds for divorce, but one spouse must be a resident of the state to file. As a community property state, couples must typically split marital property and debts 50/50. However, there is the option to reach an agreement on how property will be divided before going to court.

Parenting Time and Child Custody

Parents must establish a parenting plan by either each submitting one of their own or they may offer a joint plan. A judge will decide whether a custody proposal will become official and enforceable as a court order.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Before or after marriage, some couples desire to make agreements that explain how property and debts will be divided, whether maintenance will be paid, etc. A Bellevue same sex marriage lawyer can discuss your options and the best way to structure your agreement to ensure it is legally effective.

Adopting a Child

More and more same sex couples are adopting, but sadly, many face barriers and have fewer options. For example, many U.S. adoption agencies discriminate against same sex couples, or a biological mother giving up a child may refuse. An attorney can help you determine the best course of action to avoid obstacles and create a smooth path to adoption.

Custody of Biological Children

Some same sex couples become parents by one spouse having a child. The biological parent is automatically granted full parental rights, but the non-biological parent may have no legal standing to custody unless they formally adopt. In these situations, it is always advisable for same sex couples to further protect their relationships with the child by obtaining a legal parent status.

Estate Planning

Same sex couples should create an estate plan, especially if they are not legally married. Estate planning documents are necessary to protect loved ones in the event of a death. It is the best way to fulfill your final wishes, such as asset distribution and guardianship of minor children.

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