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When divorcing spouses would like to resolve their issues outside of the courtroom, one option they have is a collaborative divorce. This process allows couples to control the outcome of their divorce and focus on what matters most. If you are considering a collaborative divorce, an attorney at Twyford Law Office is ready to help.

Why Choose A Bellevue Collaborative Divorce Lawyer at Twyford Law?

  • We care about our clients and give each case the personal attention it deserves to ensure we produce the most favorable outcome.
  • Our trusted and skilled attorneys can help you achieve your goals and navigate the collaborative divorce process amicably.
  • Our Bellevue collaborative divorce attorneys make it a point to remain available to our clients and in constant contact regarding their cases.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

In a collaborative divorce approach, both spouses and their attorneys begin by signing a written agreement not to go to court. A series of meetings is then scheduled, during which the couple works together to reach an honest and equitable settlement. Their divorce attorneys are there to advise and assist, but the couple will negotiate and resolve issues such as

The couple agrees to remain respectful, honest, and give a full disclosure of information throughout the process. Other professionals may join the meetings as needed—for instance, financial advisors, mediators, accountants, etc. Additional information may also be needed from other experts before issues can be resolved, such as appraisers, mortgage lenders, CPA pension specialists, etc. If negotiations break down and either party wishes to discontinue, all members of the collaborative divorce team, including the attorneys for both sides, must resign from the case. As a result, there is a powerful incentive to reach a resolution.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce vs. Litigation

There are a number of advantages to a collaborative divorce over a traditional divorce or compared to litigation. Some of those include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Less stress
  • Increased decision-making by spouses
  • Privacy
  • Protect the best interests of your child by having the opportunity to exclude them from being involved in the divorce process
  • Expedited timeline

These benefits have encouraged many to pursue collaborative divorce as an alternative to other divorce methods. In comparison, a litigated divorce has many potential risks and drawbacks. For instance, they are usually more costly, spouses are put at opposing sides, settlements are less customized, and there is the risk that you will not agree with the judge’s ruling on the issues at hand. Litigation is typically only the best option for couples who cannot communicate amicably or compromise.

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