10 Jobs With the Highest Divorce Rate

Posted On January 30, 2024 Divorce

Stress, conflicts, lack of peer support — there are dozens of factors that can contribute to a divorce. But many people don’t realize that their choice of profession could also influence their likelihood of staying married. Here’s a breakdown of the top ten jobs with the highest divorce rates and reasons why they can have such a severe effect on couples.

Industries and Jobs With High Divorce Rates

Demanding jobs or ones that offer little financial reward can take a serious toll on your personal life, which may affect your spouse. While specific employers and individual circumstances can significantly impact your job satisfaction, data also indicates that these ten occupations have the highest divorce rates:

  1. Bartenders
  2. Servers
  3. Home Health Aides
  4. Nursing Assistants
  5. Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses
  6. Medical Assistants
  7. Dishwashers
  8. Personal Care Aides
  9. Security Guards
  10. Industrial Truck Drivers

For many of these occupations, stressors like salary or schedule can disrupt the work-life balance in a way that also places a strain on married couples.

Why Do Some Jobs Have a High Divorce Rate?

In addition to those ten jobs, there are many other professions and industries that are correlated with a higher rate of divorce. Knowing which factors most severely impact marriage can help you identify jobs that may harm your marriage.

Unconventional Hours

Even without a spouse or family, working unconventional hours can be a big challenge. If your job requires you to stay up all night, be on-call for days at a time, or sacrifice your weekends, it may be hard to find time with your partner — especially if their schedule is completely different.

Low Pay

Financial stress is one of the most commonly cited reasons for a divorce. Many of the jobs with high divorce rates offer relatively low compensation while demanding a huge portion of your time and energy. Pairing financial struggles with limited personal time makes it hard for partners to connect outside of work in a meaningful way.

Frequent Travel

Traveling with your partner can be a wonderful experience, but leaving one spouse behind opens the door to all kinds of communication breakdowns and worries. Not only do you have limited time with your partner while traveling frequently, but fears of infidelity can creep up if you’re spending long periods away. With infidelity being cited as one of the top reasons for divorce, even the thought of a partner having an affair is enough to spark arguments that may lead to a separation.

Mental, Physical, and Emotional Stress

While no job is ever easy, some occupations place a significant amount of stress on people. For example, healthcare workers often work extremely long hours with limited breaks, all while handling emotionally-charged tasks. When returning home from such an intense day, it may be hard to fully relax and connect with your partner. Over time, the stress may lead to mental health concerns and create a deep divide between the couple.

What If I Work in a Job With a High Divorce Rate?

The divorce process isn’t easy. It’s often wrought with financial and emotional challenges for both parties. Thankfully, even if you or your spouse work a job with a high rate of divorce, that doesn’t automatically mean that your marriage is doomed to fail. Some ways that couples can maintain a strong relationship despite job-related challenges include:

  • Communicating openly and regularly
  • Investing in couple’s counseling
  • Discussing financial concerns together
  • Scheduling quality time each day
  • Planning a vacation or getaway

While these tips can be helpful for some couples, divorce may be a good idea if your differences and disagreements extend well beyond your professions. It’s challenging to decide to end a marriage, but examining your circumstances — including your job — can help you make the right choice.

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