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King County High Asset Divorce Lawyer

King County High Asset Divorce LawyerDivorce is never easy, but when extensive assets are involved, the process of property division can be even more daunting.

The King County high asset divorce lawyers at Twyford Law Office are experienced in working with clients who have significant assets.

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Why Hire Twyford Law Offices for Your King County High Asset Divorce Case?

  • You can have peace of mind knowing we will fight aggressively to protect yourself, your children, and your assets. 
  • Our King County divorce attorneys have decades of experience and understand the complications and how high the stakes are in a high asset divorce. 
  • We will help you define and value all marital properties and liabilities, to develop an effective legal strategy that ensures a favorable outcome. 

How Can a King County High Asset Divorce Attorney Help?

High-asset divorces are usually complicated and highly contested because both parties want to walk away with the largest portion of the marital property. Some cases will call for a financial expert, forensic accountant, appraiser, valuation expert, etc. to examine the intricacies of your assets and determine the true value. A King County family lawyer experienced in high asset divorce cases will have professional connections and experience working closely with experts to maximize your interest in the property. He or she will make sure that your final divorce settlement is fair and equitable.

Equitable Division of Property in a High Asset Divorce

Property division will be one of the most challenging issues in a high asset divorce. In Washington, marital property is subject to“equitable and just” distribution between divorcing parties. Equitable does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split but rather a fair division of property. Determining which property is considered “separate” and what property is “marital” property is critical and a skilled King County high asset divorce attorney can help. If you don’t want to split the community property equally in your Washington divorce, then you and your spouse can decide what’s fair in a written divorce settlement agreement. However, if you cannot reach an agreement, you must convince the court there is a good and equitable reason for dividing marital property unequally. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

There are many potential pitfalls in a divorce with significant marital assets. Our King County high asset divorce lawyers can help you handle these complex issues.

Hidden Assets

Will will assist in identifying hidden assets for purposes of fair property division. It is incredibly challenging to hide assets from forensic accountants who are trained to find them. 

Business Interests

A business valuation will be necessary to determine the full and fair value of a business. Without a professional evaluation, you run the risk of devaluing assets, and one spouse could end up with far more than their equitable share. 

Securities Assets and Cash Assets

We evaluate the fair market value of stocks, money market accounts, bonds, and other financial accounts.

Real Estate

Our high asset divorce lawyers in King County will examine all property interests in addition to the marital home, including vacation houses, rental properties, income from rental properties, etc.

Retirement Accounts

Filing to separate the assets of a retirement or pension plan is often necessary, but the process can quickly become complicated. We assist clients with QDROs (qualified domestic relations orders) to secure a fair share of retirement benefits from IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, and other forms of deferred compensation.

Child Support

We address any potential issues related to child support, such as unreported income or underreported income. 

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