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Spokane Domestic Violence & Restraining Order Lawyers

Spokane Domestic Violence & Restraining Order Lawyers

In many cases involving domestic violence, one or both parties may request a protective order.

A protective order, is a type of restraining order that prevents contact between those listed in the order and the individual or children that are thought to be under threat of harm.

They are frequently requested as part of divorce proceedings. If you or a loved one feel endangered, contact the Spokane domestic violence & restraining order lawyer at Twyford Law Office at (509) 327 0777.

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What is a Domestic Violence Protection Order?

In Washington state, a domestic violence protection order,  a type of restraining order, is a formal order issued by a judge at the request of a person claiming to be the victim of domestic violence. (Chapter 26.50 RCW) Any person who fears physical harm or being stalked by another individual can obtain an order.

Most protection orders will prevent the potentially violent person from having any contact with the victim, and sometimes their children.

In cases between spouses, this likely means the respondent will be barred from entering a shared home. Knowingly violating an order will result in a mandatory arrest and possible criminal charges.

Emergency orders last for up to 14 days or until the next hearing date. After going through the proper channels, an order of protection will typically be in effect for one year or more.

Obtaining a Protective Order for Victims Of Domestic Violence

A protection order is most often issued during the preliminary divorce hearings. A lawyer can assist victims of abuse with all of the following related matters:

  • Obtaining and filling out the necessary forms.
  • Filing a petition seeking an emergency order of protection and protective orders.
  • Advocating necessary provisions to the order, prohibiting weapon possession or ownership for the duration that the order is active.
  • Advocating for clients at ex parte hearings.
  • Representing in post-judgment matters, including child custody modifications and child support enforcement orders.

The issuance of a protective order requires the respondent to undergo assessment and/or treatment for domestic violence. If chemical dependency is involved, the court may also order further assessment and/or treatment in that regard.

How a Protection Order can Affect a Divorce

Lives can be changed forever when restraining orders are filed. In addition to potential criminal charges and a record, a divorce judge may take it into consideration when making decisions regarding child custody, spousal support/maintenance, and asset division.

Since it is not treated as a criminal matter in divorce proceedings, the accusing spouse needs only to prove that it is more likely than not that domestic violence occurred.

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