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Emotions tend to run high during a divorce, and you need someone who can help you effectively manage your case and protect your best interest. The experienced Federal Way divorce lawyers at Twyford Law Office are well-equipped to handle the most complex divorce situations.

Why Choose Our Federal Way Divorce Lawyers?

  • We know that no two divorces are the same and our experienced Federal Way divorce attorneys offer personalized care and attention to each case.
  • We offer trusted, reputable, and compassionate legal advice backed by more than 40 years of combined legal experience.
  • We will guide you through each phase of your divorce and remain in contact to ensure your goals are met.

Why You Need a Lawyer in a Federal Way Divorce

A divorce attorney can help guide you and find solutions to sensitive divorce disputes while protecting your best interests. Spouses often have different views about what is best or fair, which can create conflict, and difficult decisions must be made about your family’s future, such as child custody and property division. An experienced lawyer has an in-depth knowledge of Washington family law and its complexities, to help you find solutions to these decisions. They can also offer objective advice about the long-term impact of your choices. At the same time, your Federal Way divorce attorney will take on the burden of filing the proper paperwork, meeting deadlines, and advocating for your rights in front of a judge if necessary.

Our Law Firm Can Help You Through Tough Legal Issues

Common legal issues involved in a divorce include:

Property Division

Asset distribution is one of the most complex areas of divorce. Washington is a community property state, which means assets are split 50/50 upon divorce. Among the assets that may be subject to division are the family home, business interests, major investments, retirement accounts, and others such as stocks and bonds. Our lawyers can help you keep what you have worked so hard to obtain.

Spousal Maintenance

In some cases, a spouse will have the right to receive spousal maintenance (or alimony) from the other spouse. Spousal maintenance is awarded for a spouse to maintain a standard of living similar to the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage. Our attorneys provide excellent legal counsel to enforce your rights and are also experienced in seeking alimony modifications as circumstances change.

Child Custody

Rather than sole or joint custody, parents must come up with a parenting plan on how children will split time or a judge will decide. However, parents can have a different view on what is actually in the best interests of their child. Our divorce attorneys can help you keep your child’s best interests at heart while navigating the intricacies and seriousness of determining child custody.

Child Support

The factors that determine child support are not a simple matter and include several elements that vary by situation. We can guide you through this process.

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