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Protecting Assets in a High Net Worth Divorce

Posted On September 30, 2022 Divorce, Family Law, Spokane Divorce

The divorce process can be full of conflict, and when it comes to a high net worth divorce, the stakes are high. Fortunately, there are strategies that can be used to protect your assets.

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What To Know About Family Law Appeals

Posted On September 18, 2022 Family Law

Washington law gives you the right to appeal a family law court ruling if you believe it is unfair. However, you must have solid evidence that the judge made a mistake to overturn the ruling.

Appealable Issues

In the separation …

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How Is Child Custody Determined in Washington?

Posted On September 7, 2022 Children, Divorce, Parenting Plans

Determining child custody is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. In Washington, a child custody arrangement is referred to as a parenting plan, which dictates where a child will live and with which parent, each parent’s …

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Steps In The Divorce Mediation Process

Posted On August 27, 2022 Divorce, Family Law, Mediation

Before committing to mediation for your divorce, it is important to know exactly what is involved in the process. While each case is different, the following are the common steps to expect.

Preparation for Mediation

Before beginning a mediation session, …

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Common Hidden Business Assets in Divorce

Posted On August 19, 2022 Divorce, Family Law

In a divorce, spouses are required by law to truthfully disclose their financial assets in order for community property to be divided equally. However, some divorcing spouses will go to great lengths to hide property or assets in an attempt …

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