Signs Your Spouse Is Planning a Divorce

Posted On May 19, 2021 Divorce

Hindsight is always 20/20, and many people don’t see a divorce coming. However, people often engage in a pattern of specific behaviors when planning to file for divorce.

Lack of Communication

While arguing all the time can be a sign of a troubled marriage, people who have already decided to leave will sometimes stop fighting altogether and give up. If your spouse no longer shows a desire to work for your marriage, the relationship might already be over in your partner’s mind. If you suggest counseling and your partner refuses to consider it, that may also signify that the other person has just given up.

Personal Attacks

Everything you do, from the look on your face to your tone of voice, seems to annoy your partner. Eye-rolling, mocking, name-calling, sneering, and many other types of nonverbal behavior can express contempt, which can cause both spouses to feel disrespected and unhappy.

Big Financial Changes

Be wary if your spouse suddenly decides to start moving accounts into different names, taking out lines of credit that are not shared, or attempts to put property in one name only. People planning a divorce will often prepare for financial changes by making changes in accounts and property. Your spouse may be concerned about losing money.

Refuses To Make Plans

Partners who are preparing to leave a marriage will often refuse to make plans for vacations, holidays, and other events because they do not believe the relationship will still be intact when those things occur. Some people will not adamantly refuse to make plans but will become vague about agreeing to future commitments.

Lack of Common Interests

If your spouse looks for something outside the marriage to be the focus of their lives. Partners’ lives may begin to revolve around children, friends, or work to distract themselves from the failing relationship.

Lies and Cheating

If you discover that your spouse is habitually lying to you or cheating on you, this is typically a sign that the person no longer cares about you or the relationship.

Keeping Secrets

If your spouse suddenly puts passwords and locks on technology that has never been locked before, there is probably something going on. A spouse who has nothing to hide has no reason to keep information from you.

Self-Destructive Behaviors

Behaviors like alcoholism, drug abuse, or self-harm will sometimes show up before a divorce. This can be because your spouse is dealing with emotional pain from the breakdown of your relationship or because your partner simply no longer cares about staying healthy for you or your children. Self-destructive choices can sometimes lead to financial problems and parenting issues, as well as the break-up of a marriage.

Victim Mentality

People who are talking themselves into divorce may try to convince themselves and others that they are victims in their relationships. They may suddenly accuse their partners of being abusive or of mistreating them.

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