Power of Story Telling

Posted On March 21, 2017 Family Law,Firm News,General Law

Sponsoring Stevens Elementary School

Twyford Law Office is pleased to announce its dedication to Inland Northwest communities in the Magic of Storytelling campaign. Powered by ABC and Disney, we will present books to Title I schools, benefiting literacy programs across many counties. The children come first, and we’re pleased to offer the chance of change.

Adoption and Sponsorship

By offering books in 500-copy increments, Twyford Law Office will “adopt” these schools, sponsoring them while presenting the gift of fiction. By granting kids the opportunity to read, Twyford’s sponsorship will promote local literacy, education and a higher degree of social understanding. Magic of Storytelling is imbued by creativity. Inspiring stories, when presented to the community, can create the minds, hearts, and innovation of tomorrow.

Disney and the Power of Storytelling

Disney has already donated millions of books to children in need, assisting them with reading, story creation, and creativity. Great stories alter entire lives, bringing children to faraway lands, unheard-of journeys and bright futures. Together, Disney and ABC have parented Twyford Law Office—delivering numerous campaign activities while promoting storytelling in its purest form.

For 16 years, Disney and First Book have helped kids read, learn and succeed. Their partnership with ABC—spawning the Magic of Storytelling campaign—has reached communities in unprecedented ways. Eligible books purchased by consumers in Disney Store locations, or at other participating retail outlets during Disney Reads Day, in the past, resulted in direct donations up to one million books. The Magic of Storytelling campaign has expanded, reaching many communities, local providers and—of course—Twyford Law Office.

Our Goal and Community

The Inland Northwest is deserving of creativity, and we’re proud to partner with local businesses, community groups, and families to promote reading. Children will be sent home with books that may be ordinarily inaccessible. Twyford’s sponsorship makes this donation possible, as do its television spots between February and March.

By promoting the community responsible for our success, Twyford Law Office can inform it about childhood literacy. Today, literacy in children is an incredibly important topic. Twyford Law Office intends to benefit bright minds, bright futures, and bright career paths. Reading is a vital cornerstone of childhood development, and our representation enables these healthy environments.

Our Promise to the Children

Twyford Law Office is well-known for simplifying the legal process, talking to clients at a human level. For this reason, much of our support is dedicated to empowering the community at large. We’re constantly fighting for your best interest, discussing services, educational options and future goals to fortify the community as a whole. We feel education should be embraced with open arms. Unfortunately, today’s children may be intimidated by reading—pushing away important education.

We’re making a promise to our schools, its children and its parents: Education can happen via the world of fiction. Every book provided through Disney and ABC’s parent program is geared towards the intellectual and emotional growth of your children. Twyford Law Office is a friend to education, inspiration and childhood development. We feel community involvement works best in partnership. By offering services hand-in-hand with local businesses, we can succeed in creating an environment—not a simple program.

Twyford Law Office and the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

Our involved individuals are ready to make a change, reaching out to the community through social media, local movements, and in-school programs. The Twyford Law Office is a member of the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, impacting the community from the ground level. On every level, we promote proactive goals to assist our community. The Spokane Valley area’s business leaders operate in a tight-knit organization, so as to promote future growth at an educational level.

View the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce’s page here, and get involved with the economic and educational prosperity of your area. The region’s business leaders, teachers, parents, and organizational influencers are here to help. ABC and Disney, meanwhile, promise to continue benefiting Twyford Law Office’scause—empowering young minds for the near future.

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