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Liberty Lake Divorce AttorneyDivorce can be an overwhelming and painful process to endure.

However, having a skilled Liberty Lake divorce attorney by your side to guide you and protect your present and future legal rights can make the process more bearable.


Why Hire Twyford Law Offices for Your Divorce Case?

  • Decades of combined family law experience;
  • Compassionate, personalized service and advice; and
  • Excellent representation in all divorce cases, including high asset cases.

Let Twyford Law Office help you achieve your divorce goals while offering practical solutions and honest answers to your divorce questions and concerns. Call our law office today and schedule your confidential consultation with a Liberty Lake family law attorney.

How Can a Liberty Lake Divorce Lawyer Help?

Handling your own divorce, even when it is uncontested, is more complicated and time-consuming than you may realize. Without an attorney, you lack professional advice, judgment, and counsel on any paperwork or long-term ramifications of the decisions you make.

Instead, consult Twyford Law Office when considering a divorce. Our divorce attorneys in Liberty Lake do the following, and more, on your behalf:

  • Identify separate and marital property;
  • Value and divide marital assets equitably;
  • Calculate, negotiate, or argue against spousal maintenance and support;
  • Prepare and ensure child support calculations are calculated correctly and per the law;
  • Prepare and negotiate or argue for specific child visitation and child custody arrangements; and
  • Ensure necessary provisions are in your divorce documents that protect your legal interests, both current and future.

Schedule your meeting with a skilled divorce attorney now to discuss the Washington divorce process and begin your case. Or, if your case is ongoing, how Twyford Law Office can help resolve any continuing matters you are struggling with and finalize your divorce.

Is Washington a No-Fault State for Divorce?

Washington is a no-fault divorce state. This means that a marriage only needs to be “irretrievably broken” with no hope of reconciliation for a divorce to occur. Neither party must prove grounds for divorce.

Divorce Proceedings in Washington State

A Washington divorce takes a minimum of ninety days to complete. To finish a Washington divorce, the initial paperwork must be filed and served, an agreement must be reached on the divorce terms, and the final orders must be completed and signed. Since this is a lot to accomplish in ninety days, the majority of divorces take longer.

When parties to a divorce cannot agree on all issues, a Washington divorce will proceed to trial. This can extend divorce proceedings to a year or more. However, most divorces reach agreement instead of going to trial. If you have additional questions regarding divorce proceedings in Washington state, speak with a Liberty Lake divorce lawyer.

Residency Requirements for a Washington Divorce

At least one party to the divorce needs to be a resident of Washington at the time of the initial filing. Residency requires living in Washington with an intent to remain in Washington. To enter orders in the divorce, the court must have jurisdiction over the other spouse. This is true of children as well.

A divorce may be filed in any county in Washington as long as the other party agrees. Or divorce is permissible in any county a party resides.

Managing Divorce Conflict Through Litigation, Mediation, or Collaborative Divorce

  • Litigation. Litigation is the traditional method for managing conflict in a divorce. This is where both parties have attorneys and are treated as adversaries.
  • Mediation. In mediation, there is a neutral, third-party mediator with special skills to help a couple resolve any issues they may be stuck on without the need of litigation; and
  • Collaborative divorce. In collaborative divorce, a couple works together with their Liberty Lake divorce lawyers and a small team of specialists to reach a settlement that best meets both of their goals.

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To learn more about divorce in Washington and the best means of resolving conflict in your divorce, contact the experienced divorce attorneys at Twyford Law Office. We will customize a plan that best meets your divorce goals while making your divorce as seamless as possible.

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