How to be Social Media Savvy During a Divorce

Posted On July 15, 2020 Divorce

Social media plays a huge part in shaping the way we communicate and interact with family, friends, and our community. What surprises many people are the drastic effects that social media can play in a divorce. It has the power to turn a divorce case upside down and completely against you.

Watch What You Post

Anything you post should be something you would be comfortable showing your ex-spouse and their lawyer, but also a judge. When it comes to the courts considering character evidence as they determine custody rights, your social media timeline can be taken just as seriously as a written statement from a friend. There are many cases in which one parent’s right to custody of their child is severely impacted due to photos posted on their social media accounts. 

Another potential setback is if you have claimed to have fewer assets than you actually do. There are frequently cases where online activity hints to hidden assets. For instance, a spouse may state they are unemployed and cannot afford spousal support, yet they flaunt a new car or brag about their high income on a dating app. On the other hand, it can even be as simple as posting about starting a new job that hasn’t yet been mentioned in court. An ex-spouse could use that against you as proof of dishonesty in your financial declarations. 

Don’t Use Social Media as a Support System

Since divorce is such a stressful process, it may be tempting to express how you feel or complain about your ex-spouse on social media, especially in the heat of the moment. Although social media keeps us connected to loved ones, some of your online friends may not be individuals you can trust with your personal issues. 

Privacy Settings Won’t Always Protect You

There is a belief that modifying privacy settings to be the most secure or sending private messages to trusted family and friends means that no one else will ever see your content. That’s a possibility, but don’t count on it. Even when you have taken every precaution, social media posts have their way of surfacing. It only takes one mutual friend or a fake profile to leak information to your ex-spouse. If it becomes an issue in court, you may be required to provide the entirety of your social media history and all private messages to the other side during discovery.

If Possible, Do a Social Media Fast

Taking a break from social media or limiting activity as much as possible is the best option until the divorce is over. It may be hard for some people to completely quit, but it’s not worth the impact it can have on your case. 

Talk to Your Divorce Lawyer about Social Media

To better understand the issues social media can cause or exacerbate in your divorce case, speak to a Spokane divorce & social networking lawyer. We can help you understand what can happen and work with you to obtain the outcome you desire. Request a free consultation online or by calling (509) 327-0777 today. 

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