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Parenting Plans

Co-Parenting Advice

Posted On August 15, 2023 Children,Family Law,Parenting Plans

Co-parenting is a unique journey that involves working together to raise your children despite the challenges of no longer being in a romantic relationship. If you find yourself in a co-parenting situation, here are some valuable pieces of advice to …

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Co-Parenting During the Holidays

Posted On November 8, 2022 Children,Custody,Parenting Plans

The holidays are coming, and although co-parenting can be challenging, it does not have to ruin quality time with your child. Here are some tips on preventing or handling any disagreements on custody and visitation over the holiday season.


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How Is Child Custody Determined in Washington?

Posted On September 7, 2022 Children,Divorce,Parenting Plans

Determining child custody is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. In Washington, a child custody arrangement is referred to as a parenting plan, which dictates where a child will live and with which parent, each parent’s …

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How To Modify a Parenting Plan in Washington

Posted On July 18, 2022 Family Law,Parenting Plans

To modify a parenting plan in Washington, you must be able to convince the court that a substantial change has occurred. Once custody arrangements are established, judges are very hesitant about making significant changes. Our Spokane parenting plan attorneys are

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How Does the Court Determine Child Support?

Posted On March 14, 2022 Child Support,Children,Custody,Family Law,Parenting Plans

One or both parents may be legally obligated to pay child support in Washington. However, the noncustodial parent is typically who has to pay child support, which is the parent who spends less than 50 percent of the time

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