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Remarriage and Child Support in Washington

Posted On April 4, 2022 Child Support,Children,Divorce,Family Law

After a divorce, one or both spouses will inevitably go on to have new relationships, and you may be wondering if remarriage will impact child support payments. In Washington, remarriage in and of itself is not a factor for modifying

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What Is Pro Se Divorce?

Posted On March 9, 2022 Divorce,Family Law

When going through the divorce process, many spouses hire an attorney, but there is no requirement to. In a legal sense, when one or both spouses represent themselves in court, it is referred to as a “pro se divorce.” Since

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Grounds for Divorce in Washington

Posted On March 9, 2022 Divorce,Family Law

Washington is a “no-fault” state when it comes to dissolving a marriage, which means you do not need grounds for divorce. 

What are Grounds for Divorce? 

Grounds for divorce are the legal reasons a couple can be granted a divorce.

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What Is a Dissolution of Marriage?

Posted On December 15, 2021 Divorce

A dissolution of marriage is the legal reference for a divorce in Washington. Divorce and dissolution are often used interchangeably, but it doesn’t always have the same meaning in some other states.

Dissolution vs. Divorce

The primary difference between divorce …

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How To File for Divorce in Washington State

Posted On December 1, 2021 Divorce

Once you have decided to divorce your spouse, it is important to know your next steps. Here is how to file for divorce in Washington State.

Three Options for Divorce

There are three options for approaching the divorce process in …

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