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Motorist causes collision in Spokane, charged with DUI

Being involved in a car accident can be a terrifying experience. One minute everything is fine, and in the next, cars are wrecked, injuries become apparent, and law enforcement and medical personnel arrive. The person who caused the collision may be shell shocked, and it only becomes more stressful for the driver if authorities suspect that alcohol was involved. The motorist might be charged with an alcohol-related driving offense and be placed in a police car for the trip to jail. 

A young woman found herself in this situation recently in Spokane after she appeared to cause a three-car accident. The incident took place in the morning after the woman’s grey sedan collided with a red Jeep. A white truck was also involved in the crash. The aftermath of the crash delayed many morning drivers while the affected cars were towed away, and a man injured in the accident was brought to a hospital. Reports indicated that he did not suffer life threatening injuries. When authorities arrived, they performed a roadside sobriety test on the shaken woman. The woman did not satisfactorily complete the test; she was charged with a DUI and taken to jail. 

When a driver is arrested for causing a drunk driving car accident, it is best to immediately contact an attorney who can provide expert legal advice and support throughout the legal process. Depending on whether it is a DWI first offense or a DWI second offense, the penalties and potential consequences can vary. A lawyer can fight the charges when possible or work with the prosecutors to come up with the best possible resolution of the charges. 

Source: KHQ6, “UPDATE: 3 Car Crash In East Spokane; Driver Booked For DUI,” June 18, 2013